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BOOK REVIEW A clever twist on history. . .
LIGHTNING STRIKES THE COLONIES is a terrific romp. The novel by C.L. Fagan is a tale of a clever twist on history. Enter Linda Darnell Hutchinson, historical buff who delves into the past, the unwitting and reluctant victim of time travel, thanks to a strike of a lighting bolt. Through a parade of events, culminating with romance and adventure, Fagan tells a wacky but beguiling story. The author has a background of electronics and fascination with history to her credit, during a career spanning many years in aerospace and defense. Her passion with history is a life long affair,and this debut book, is a fascinating prequel to the next novel in an exciting series. Researched meticulously over many years, LIGHTNING STRIKES… specializing in this subject matter, LIGHTNING STRIKES THE COLONIES is a must read. Even if fantasy is not your thing. The book features intriguing knowledge of history and a blending of contemporary story telling, up there with Harry Potter and the works a-la-Twilight and Twain. Consider grabbing a copy of LIGHTING STRIKES THE COLONIES, if not just for yourself for someone you know who enjoys being entertained with words. And keep an eye out for ENLIGHTENING STRIKES ENGLAND by C.L. Fagan in the not too distant future. LIGHTNING STRIKES THE COLONIES, published by Eloquent Books. ISBN 978-1-60860-416-6 $29.95 For More Info on C.L. Fagan, travel to www.clfagan.com

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One of the best books of the year!!!

by Jeff Pierret "Reg Joe"

I couldn't put this book down. CL Fagan's has a gift for detail. I felt like I was right there back with Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. Every little detail was covered. It is amazing how almost 300 years later the technology may have changed but we are going through the exact same things that they were back then. If you are interested in today's political arena or what's happening with our country right now--GET THIS BOOK. My high school son read the book and it opened his eyes to how interesting our countries history is. MY SON HATES READING, and he couldn't put this book down. CL Fagan's mix of SCI-FI with super accurate historical detail is breath taking. I am going to recommend this book to everyone. Please read this book-it will change the way you think about our great figures in American history. I am sending this book to my congressman and I will not be surprised when this book becomes a best seller. You will become an expert in our great past and the struggles, you will find, are not that different from ours today. GOOD JOB CL!!! I can't wait for the second book!!!!

Lightning Strikes a love for History!

by Raymundo M. Ramirez "Rayman"

Wow, this is the kind of book that should be required reading in history class. I don't want to give too many details, because the book has some great twists, but I will say that it seamlessly blends historical facts with a great story. It is impossible to put this book down once you start reading it. The book reminds me of J.J. Benitez's series of books. If you like those, then you will love this one. Fagan's mystical mix of science fiction and fantasy, time and space travel, history, morals, religion, and culture urges her readers to stretch their minds and hearts to understand why America is the way it is. All the characters are wonderfully drawn portraits of our Founding Fathers, and the events that shaped them into the leaders they became. This is definitely the kind of book that will spark a newfound interest in American history and biographies, at least it did for me. Like Benitez, Fagan does a wonderful job with integrating the historical details with a compelling narrative that draws you in from page number one. By the end of the book you realize how little you truly know about the events that shaped our country. Thankfully, there are writers like this one that do a great job expanding our horizons.

A definite MUST READ for all history buffs, and steampunk fans (some great pre-steampunk action from Ben and Melinda, but definitely in the milieu).


by Allan Jenman

if you think that history is a dull subject you need to read this exciting presentation of our nations founding years with a novel twist.

The slang term "Ben" will become much more than a reference to a $100 bill. George Washington will become more than the image of a statue of a man on a horse. When you hear the name Revere, you won't have the thought going through your mind "the cookware is coming, the cookware is coming". You will discover that Sam Adams is much more than a designer beer.

So if you belong to Jon Levit's Procrastinator's Club, give up your membership, get the book, read it and enjoy it. "Yeah! That's the ticket."

Other Reviews

Your narration is entertaining with its lighthearted humor as your main character finds herself in conflict with colonial America’s values, meeting some of the most famous people in U.S. history. The settings are aptly described with appeals to all of the five senses at the appropriate sections of the novel

A great job is done establishing the reasons William Franklin and Thomas Hutchinson turn to the “dark side”. Ben Franklin’s character particularly is well-drawn, meshing well with our modern perceptions of this iconic figure while giving him a personality that is full of surprises yet historically accurate. Will makes a delightful sidekick to him.

The strength of the piece is your ability to make what is a long novel a quick, easy read. You’ve accomplished this through a superbly readable sentence/paragraph structure and by maintaining a breezy, humorous style throughout the piece.

Rob Bignell

Inventing Reality – Science Fiction Author/Editor

C.L. Fagan’s mix of “Back to the Future” type science fiction with historical persons and events is excellent. It a good mix of history, action, and human interaction.

She builds characters we care about or dislike because she makes them real. Her plot keeps moving and holds the reader’s interest as she tells an interesting story.

I was impressed in your descriptions of early places, customs, manners, and the expectations, or lack of, of women, slaves, and the aristocrats.

I look forward to Melinda’s further adventures in the London of those times.

Vern Westgate

Editor - Eloquent Books