‘Lightning Strikes the Colonies’

New Fantasy Novel By C.L. Fagan

An Exciting Odyssey, Incredible Adventure

Back in Time to Colonial America !

Meet Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Hancock and others before they became American heroes !

2008 back to 1752 – 24 years before the American Revolution

“LIGHTNING STRIKES THE COLONIES” (Eloquent Books, AEG Publishing Group, New York, September 2009) is an exciting “pre-steam-punk” sci-fi fantasy adventure novel as seen through the eyes of 23-year-old Melinda Darnell Hutchinson, who is thrust into an incredible journey she never expected, traveling back in time from 2008 to 1752.

Hutchinson, an attractive historical researcher for a documentary film company, becomes a muse of Benjamin Franklin. Together, they embark on an exciting adventure peppered with romance through the pre-revolutionary

Lightning Strikes the Colonies

American colonies. Along the way, they meet the most famous patriots in American history who were teenagers at the time. “Did Melinda create an alternate history or was Ben on an alternate course of his own when she fell into his life?” asks Fagan.

Blending modern-day storytelling with an incredible historical flare, “LIGHTNING STRIKES THE COLONIES” explores the speeches, the writings, inventions and even the folklore of the era. This wonderfully constructed debut novel offers unique insight into American history that will have readers mesmerized for hours and turning pages into the night. History and sci-fi buffs will notice compelling social and philosophical issues of the day woven into the story.

Due for September 2009 release, “Lightning Strikes the Colonies” reflects on the ever-intriguing question . . .if you travel back in time, do you leave your footprints behind?

About the author: First-time author C.L. Fagan was born and raised in Los Angeles. With degrees in philosophy, engineering and accounting, she has reinvented herself many times in many ways. For most of her professional career, Fagan’s life has been filled with computer analysis, running a computer software firm and marketing visualization software to aerospace and defense companies. Along with her computer knowledge, Fagan considers herself a lifetime history buff, which led to her fascination of American history, and writing as a full-time career. In addition to writing metaphysical articles and science fiction stories, Fagan recently completed her second novel in the series following “Lightning Strikes the Colonies.” In her spare time, she enjoys gourmet cooking, ballroom dancing, painting, sculpting and inventing.

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