C.L. FAGAN – Biography

C. L. Fagan was born and raised In Southern California—a true California native who loves everything about Los Angeles. More so than others, she has reinvented herself many times and in many ways. With a college degree in philosophy and a minor in accounting, C.L. joined a small bank as an auditor, because as she admits, “no one was interested in hiring me as a philosopher.”

For most of her professional career, C.L.’s life was filled with accounting, computer analysis, running a electronics company, marketing and selling visualization software to aerospace and defense companies and hanging out with electrical engineers.

Ready for a new challenge, C.L. Fagan happened to be watching a TV documentary about Benjamin Franklin. “He was absolutely fascinating, which triggered so many thoughts, I had to research everything I could about him which led to starting my career as a writer.”

Along with her computer knowledge, C.L. considers herself a lifelong history buff. “I’ve always been fascinated with historical facts and consider myself a pretty smart cookie on American history trivia.”

Combining her fascination with Benjamin Franklin, knowledge of American history and aspirations to become a writer, C.L. Fagan found her niche blending modern-day storytelling with an incredible historical flare.  C.L. describes her writing style is influenced by mystery, action-adventure and science fiction.>

I remember asking myself – is there life on other planets?  When I was nine, I wrote my first story about angels being aliens here on earth to help mankind,” she said.

C.L. Fagan likens her writing to the wit of Mark Twain and the humor of Kurt Vonnegut, with a dash of Carl Sagan’s scientific sense and the storytelling of historical sagas by John Jakes.

C.L.’s hobbies include gourmet cooking, painting and sculpting. She took up West Coast swing dancing a few years ago, but when an ankle injury sidelined her, she decided to focus attention on her newest passion—creative writing. Her just-released debut novel “Lightning Strikes the Colonies” is the first in a series of time-travel historical novels. She lives in Toluca Lake, California with her Bichon Frise “Coco Chanel.”

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